Sustenance does not only come in the form of food – we're all going to need a drink to help us get through this. Fortunately, many bottle shops have also turned to delivery, meaning you don’t have to miss cocktail hour on HouseParty just because you’re unable to get to the shop. Residents of Bristol and Bath in need of a top up should look to Wolf Wine, which is offering free delivery on Fridays, just in time for the weekend. In Manchester, Beermoth has you covered, or if you’re Salford based, check out the gin and beer drive-through, courtesy of the Seven Brothers Brewery and sibling brand Four Sisters Distillery.

Wolf wine - which sits in one of the small wooden cabins along the main stretch of Green Park Station, and is otherwise known as ‘the den’ - specialises in craft wine, beers, ciders and spirits. They’ve just launched their bar nights at the cabin, where you can enjoy the drinks in a social setting. They also host a wine tasting event on the last Friday or Saturday of every month. 

“Wine for us is a social thing, so we love throwing parties or helping customers throw theirs,” says Samual Shaw, owner. “We have a great range of small-production wines, be it natural, biodynamic, vegan, organic or just something a little bit funky.”

Perfect pairings: Vegan wines & cheeses

Angus and Samuel run Wolf Wine, an independent craft wine company based in Greenpark Station, Bath. Unlike many regular wine shops, they wanted to offer people exceptionally high-quality wines made in very small quantities. Naturally, that means they enjoy a high turnover of new and exciting lines on an almost weekly basis.