Grape - Pinot Gris
Where - Willamette Valley, Oregon. USA
What - This is proper posh white from across the pond. It is an utterly enthralling white wine and if you are up for tasting some of the more premium natural whites that this planet has to offer, we can’t think of a better place to start. We are beyond excited to have this on both our literal and metaphorical shleves. 


A.D Beckham engages with a wonderful new concept of mixing the art of winemaking with the art of ceramic making. Pinot Gris grapes are harvested from some of the best hilltop spots in Willamette. After pressing with a small amount of skin contact, half the wine is fermented and aged in huge ceramic amphoras that are handmade by the winemaker on site. The other half is pressed into acacia barrels. After prolonged aging, the wine is blended and bottled without any fining, filtration or vast amounts of sulphite.


This is refreshing yet exceptionally complex; definitely one to take your time over. We reccomend giving the bottle a little time to air. You'll be rewarded with vibrant notes of redcurrant, mixed herbs, lavender, Granny Smith apples and citrus pith. The bottle will never feel big enough. 


Complex, balanced, aromatic. Vegan. Organic. Low Intervention.  13.5% ABV. 

A.D Beckham Amphora Pinot Gris