Grape - Pinot Noir

Where - Castile and León, Spain

What - The Alta Pavina winery was born in 1985 when the Ortega brothers planted their very first Pinot Noir vines. They're planted at a super high altitude which gives this summery Pinot Noir a new level of intrigue. They received quite a bit of (bad) attention for deciding to plant their vines so high, but it's really paid off and the rationale is now fully on display. 


The brothers recognise the Citius Pinot Noir as one of their best, proudest efforts. It's a real standout, with more body than you'd expect, but still showcasing the best of Spanish Pinot Noir. The tannins are light and smooth, with red fruit flavours and freshly picked plums. It's very expressive, with definite mineral notes and a violet touch. The 18 months spent in old French oak have given it a decent amount of vanilla and summery spices. We think this is a great value wine and definitely one to bump up your 'to-try' list!


Smooth, fruity, floral. Vegan. ABV 14.5%.



Alta Pavina Citius Pinot Noir 2017