Grape - Chardonnay

Where -  Steiermark, Austria

What -  This wine has been described, without hesitation, as "the best Chardonnay I have ever had" by our very own Accounts Manager, Angus. Mighty praise indeed. This gives you an idea of how good this wine is. Andreas Tscheppe is one of only five certified biodynamic winemakers in Austria and his processes provide us with some absolute gems. 


The Salamander Chardonnay is produced from grapes grown on six to twelve year-old vines close to the Slovenian border. Once the grapes are super ripe, they're hand-harvested and painstakingly selected for optimum quality. It's bottled unfined, unfiltered and without any sulphite at all. 


This Chardonnay is an absolute knock-out. It's light, complex and so reflects its unique terroir. 


You'll be treated with aromas of citrus, flowers, wheat and toast. The finish is lengthy with a good, moreish acidity. 


Citrus, luxury, toasty. Vegan. Organic. Biodynamic. Low intervention. ABV 12%. 

Andreas Tscheppe Salamander Chardonnay 2018