Who - Arbor Ales

Where - Easton, Bristol

What - We've been loving Arbor since they started out in 2007. Their innovative brewers, bringing our beer after beer that you just really want to drink. Now they're a leading brewery in the UK, producing over one and a half million pint cans a year. 


The Faked Alaska is a Pudding IPA brewed in the New England style. In the ferment, you've got vanilla, Citra, El Dorado and Mosaic hops which make this a dank, lofty pale ale. It's a bit of a beast. The Citra gives it a balanced lemon flavour for a really unusual but must-try beer. 


Beastly, vanilla, citrus. Contains lactose. Local. ABV 6%.

Arbor Ales Faked Alaska


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