Who - Arbor Ales

Where - Easton, Bristol 

What - Innovation is key in the craft beer world and Arbor manages to keep smashing out the fresh brews that give us something new every time. Thank God for the pint cans, too. 


'The Devil Made Me Brew It' is a banging premium strength oatmeal stout with a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. The dry-hopped process also gives a nutty, hoppy aroma that is just about as damn irresistible as it comes. Smells a bit like an IPA, but tastes like a summery stout. 


Expect malty, liquorice and dark chocolate notes. 


Nutty, dark, hoppy. Vegan. Local. ABV 5.5%. 568ml can. 

Arbor Ales The Devil Made Me Brew It