Who - Arbor Ales

Where - Easton, Bristol

What - Arbor throw us a curveball with the Yakima Valley. They're all about creative brewing and making beer that they (and we) really want to drink. This American IPA feels a little different than their house brews; it's chewy and full of caramel.


The mix of Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook, Citra and Summit hops gives a really complex take on the soft APA feel. Best drank warmer than you might normally think, it stands out as a richer take on Arbor's usual juicy vibes. 


The malts come across really well, so there's almost a hint of banana sweets on the nose. It's got a decent strength on it, too! 


Premium-strength, chewy, unique. ABV 7%. Vegan. 568ml can. 

Arbor Ales Yakima Valley American IPA