Who - Arbor

Where - Bristol

What - Oh, hello stout season! If you're on the hunt for a bad boy full-bodied stout, well, look no further. This is your guy. 


Arbor's Midnight Blue is big, bold and full of amazing, unrivalled flavour. You might get a little bit of forest fruit, malt loaf or molasses when you first taste the stout-y goodness of this craft beer. We're picturing chilled nights by the fire. 


Arbor are growing and growing all the time and they just keep getting better. When it comes to craft beer, they are champions and we're so happy that they're a local brewery. Maybe we're biased, but South West beer is best! Get on the Midnight Blue hype. 


Big, flavourful, autumnal. Vegan. ABV 5.8%. 568ml can. 

Arbor Midnight Blue Stout


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