Who - Arbor Ales
Where - Easton, Bristol
What - Mosaic has always been a popular beer from Arbor, and for good reason; it’s utterly delicious. Unlike many of their other beers, the Mosaic is a single-hopped, gluten-free brew - something which is very difficult to do well. Luckily, Arbor are a talented bunch of creative brewers and they're yet to release anything short of smashed-it. 


Within the glorious aluminium confines of a Mosaic can, the use of a single hop has resulted in a lighter, hazy beer concentrated with floral and ripe tropical fruits. A perfect BBQ beer or picnic treat that everyone will love and well worth a try no matter your gluten preferences!

Clean, floral, gluten-free. Vegan. 4% ABV.

Arbor Mosaic 568ml Can