Who - Arbor

Where - Bristol

What - If you're a gluten-free beer skeptic then prepare to have your mind changed, pal. Arbor brought out their first glutenless brew a while back (Mosaic, check it out) and now they've smashed out another. 


Motueka is a single-hop IPA brewed with Citra, Columbus, Equinox & Mosaic hops for a huge, hoppy burst of tropical flavour. It's a one-way train to juice central. Thanks to the big proportion of Citra hops, zest, pith and citrus juice are all in abundance.


Fewer allergens without any sacrifice of flavour. Score.


Zesty, juicy, smashable. Vegan. Gluten-free. Unfiltered. ABV 4%. 568ml can. 

Arbor Motueka Gluten Free Pale Ale


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