Who - Arbor Ales
Where - Easton, Bristol
What - This is another big bad powerhouse beer from the geniuses over at Arbor Ales. In so many instances, breweries attempt to produce a huge soupy DDH IPA only to make something that is unbalanced, hard work to drink and inevitably results in you behaving badly. This is very different.


Tiny The Welder is weighty but utterly delicious at the same time thanks to its blend of Ekuanot, Simcoe and Summit hops. The result is a hoppy beer rich with notes of lemon, orange peels, guava and mango supported by a malty sweet finish. This is one to take your time over. We would suggest two sittings poured out into a glass.

Rich, bold and bonkers. Vegan, Contains Gluten. Best before 23/11/20. 8.5% ABV.

Arbor Tiny the Welder 440ml Can