Grape - Monastrell 

Where - Alicante, Spain 

What - This is your ideal any-time, anywhere wine. It comes from Rafa and Olga Bernabé who like to do great things with unpopular grapes from their winery in the Alicante hills. They have several vineyards, all of which are planted on chalky soils. Once harvested, the parcels are all treated totally different to bring out the individual flavour of each grape variety. 

The Tragolargo Monstrell is a perfect, straight down the middle wine. Medium-body meets medium acidity and medium tannins. This characteristic makes the wine so, so drinkable and a total crowd-pleaser.


It's a bright, ruby red colour in the glass with lovely aromas of fresh red fruits. With a relatively short finish, it's pretty smashable. Notes of blackcurrant, raspberry and green tea leaves are also humming about. For so much flavour, the finish is quite short, but this only adds to its appeal. You'll be surprised how quickly the bottle empties. 


Fruit-forward, aromatic, crowd-pleasing. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. ABV 12.5%. 

Bernabe Nevarro Tragolargo Monastrell 2019


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