Grape - Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc

Where - Almansa, Spain 

What - Bodegas Almanseñas aim to convey the strong Almansa personality into their terroir-driven wine. They've really mastered the union between Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc so that the great-value Adaras Lluvia is balanced, complex and fresh. We were hugely impressed when we first tried this wine. 


Clay soils with limestone at 850 meters altitude makes for complexity in the Sauvy B and aromatic intensity in the Verdejo. The land is farmed organically with damage-free principles. You won't catch a drop of chemicals or pesticides on their Almansa site. 


This is a clean and bright white wine that balances tropical with green fruit. You've got a lychee hit in the aroma, as well as kiwi and pineapple cubes. It's dry and hugely quenching; for the price, it's an absolute knock-out. 


Clean, bright, balanced. Vegan. Organic certified. ABV 12.5%. 

Bodegas Almanseñas Adaras Lluvia