Grape - Moristel

Where - Somontano, Spain

What - A new, unusual addition to our range of great-value bottles. This 100% Moristel is the product of modern winemaking from over in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Bodegas Pirineos are known for leading the way with old vineyards and traditions mixed with new ideas and innovation. 


It is highly unusual to see Moristel used on its own for red wine, so it's an interesting one for sure. The grapes are of the highest quality in the Somontano region due to a dedicated team of viticulturists doing their thing on these old, mountainous vineyards. 


The Principio Moristel is an immediate treat with a tempting ruby-red colour and aromas of dark cherry, traditional cola and cacao. What follows is smooth and velvety with dominant fresh fruit flavours. It would pair well with tapas that includes sundried tomatoes, olives or chorizo.  


Fruity, fresh, smooth. ABV 13.5%. 


Bodegas Pirineos Principio Moristel Joven 2019