Grape - Pais
Where - Itata, Chile
What - Itata is a region in Southern Chile characterised by its large river and its rich volcanic soils. The Bravas Volcanico sets out to encapsulate the joys of this region and succeeds.


Organic pais are harvested by hand before destemming and fermenting naturally under a blanket of carbon dioxide. This method of fermentation results in a remarkably juicy style with candied overtones. After a little bit of further ageing, this wine is bottled hazy and with minimal sulphite.


It offers crunchy notes of strawberry laces, raspberry juice, and plum jam. Perfect to have chilled.


Light, juicy, thirst-quenching. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. 12.5% ABV.

Bravos Volcanico Pais