Grape - Nero Di Troia 

Where - Puglia, Italy

What - The colour of this wine alone is so tempting you'll immediately want to pop the cork. 


After a lengthy period of observation, Valentina Passalacqua has developed every bit of knowledge there is to know about the Calcarius terroir over in Puglia. It's the calcerous, limestone soils of the Gargano National Park that give Valentina's wines their name; with high levels of calciums to add. Her wines are made with low intervention processes, meaning you get the real taste of her talents beaming through. 


The Hellen Rosso sees high-quality Nero Di Troia grapes harvested to create the ultimate ripe, juicy red. This wine is an explosion of berries, especially blackberry and sweet raspberries. Brambles and mulberry jam are also present, with a moreish pink salt finish. This wine won't hang around long! It's super quenching and a really fun bottle to share around the table. 


Juicy, ripe, full of berries. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. Biodynamic. 11.5%. 

Calcarius Hellen Rosso 2019