Who - Calvors Brewing 

Where - Suffolk

What - Six different brews to choose! These guys have been brewing since 2008 and are particularly interested in the various directions of the much-loved lager. 


As with all our favourite breweries, careful consideration for their environment is essential for Calvors. In fact, it influences every decision made; from biodegradable filters to locally sourced ingredients to reduce footprint. 


We've got a Helles Lager, Pilsner Lager, Session IPA, Vienna Lager, Dunkel Lager and an Amarillo Pale for your consideration. Grab a couple of cans of your favourite style, or try 'em all!


Helles Lager - Crisp & refreshing - 3.8%

Pilsner - Smooth, malty & full - 5%

Session IPA - Light, crisp & hoppy - 4.2%

Vienna Lager - Nutty & biscuity - 4%

Dunkel Lager - Roasted, rich & complex - 4.5%

Amarillo Pale - Golden & fruity - 3.8% 



Calvors Brewery Assorted 330ml

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