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Grape - Gamay

Where - Loire Valley, France
What – The man behind this wonderfully juicy Gamay is winemaking extraordinaire Vincent Roussely. He is known for making elegant, restrained styles of wine whilst keeping production in line with organic practices. His winemaking style also includes a huge focus on protecting the surrounding ecosystems with as little damage done to the soil as possible. The resulting wines are always a fun, energetic twist on traditional varieties and we really see this shine through with the Canaille Gamay Rouge.


This is low intervention wine with a light, fruity finish. You can expect sunny flavours of redcurrant, red cherry and wine gum with a minerally earthiness that adds a more complex layer.


Light, juicy, crunchy. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. ABV 12.5%.

Canaille Gamay Rouge 2018