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Grape - Cabernet Sauvignon

Where - Penedes, Spain

What - This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Casa Berger balances a sense of fun with really, really great wine. The bottle is a sweet stoke of genius; every word is a Catalan insult or swear word, poking a bit of fun at the infamous bad temper of farmers from the region. 


This Cabernet Sauvignon is a big ol' wine with loads of character. The sloping vines are farmed organically with respect for the ecology of the Penedes site. The result is a terroir-driven, mineral Cab Sauv that has strong red fruit aromas and a fruit-driven finish. 


You might notice more delicate flavours of vanilla pod, dark chocolate, blackcurrant and acacia. It's had a touch of oak and the smooth mouthfeel makes for a massively moreish red wine. It has been crafted by the Virgili brothers who have put a real focus on appealing to young wine drinkers, enticing the next generation of grape wizards into traditional Catalonian winemaking. 


Big, bold, fruity. Vegan. Organic practicing. ABV 14%. 

Casa Berger El Cabronet Cabernet Sauvignon

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