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Grapes - Pinot Noir/Pinot Meunier/Chardonnay
Where - Verzy, Champagne, France
What - In 1966, Jean Paul Deville decided to begin the journey of making his own wines from the vineyards owned by the Deville family for five generations. Prior to this, they sold their harvest to other wineries, but Jean Paul had big aspirations to create his own Champagne. 


After just two years, he got properly into the swing of things and became an advocate for overseeing every aspect of the making process to ensure the highest quality. 


What sets Jean Paul apart from other houses is his preference to use predominantly Pinot Noir rather than Chardonnay as the base to his Champagne. The small percentage of Chardonnay he does use offers a richer flavour profile. Using the traditional method, Jean Paul ages his wine for 2 years before disgorgement and corking.


This is rich, textural champagne with a fine mousse sparkle. Enjoy soft notes of lemon, pears, butter, pastry and brioche. It is of exceptional quality (one of our favourites to have on the shelves!) and great-value for how damn good it tastes. 

Refined, rich and luxurious. Vegan. 12% ABV.

Champagne Paul Deville Carte Noir

SKU: 50023