Grape - Obaideh, Merwah

Where - Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 

What - Chateau Musar are almost certainly the most famous natural winemakers in the world. Wine has been produced in the Bekaa Valley for over 6,000 years, so the tradition runs deep within the community and culture; wines from this region are even mentioned in the Bible. They're forward thinkers, being the first winery in the entirety of Lebanon to achieve organic certification in 2006. Each wine from every vintage is so expressive and full of character. Get some Musar in your lives, immediately! 


The 2012 white vintage was fermented and aged partly in new oak barrels for 9 months and partly in stainless steel vats before release in 2020. You could drink it now and be blown away, but this will age for decades and decades to come. 


The wine is a tempting lemon-yellow colour already showing really promising signs of maturity. Although its core is sweet, the juice is complex and dry with uplifting acidity and an exotic finish. Overall, it is peachy, lemony and creamy; meringue pie vibes. It easily rivals the best of Bordeaux or fine white Rhône. 


Elegant, fine, special. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic certified. ABV 12%. 

Chateau Musar White 2012


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