Grape - Pinot Noir

Where - Languedoc, France

What - Alright pals, here's a corker of a Pinot Noir for you. Christophe Muret has gained a reputation for careful, expert winemaking over in Languedoc after spending many years as one of the most successful melon farmers in France. What a career change. He grows and cultivates vines with low intervention methods on red, clayey soils where high winds equal fresh wine. 


This is a great value, well-balanced natural red wine that feels sleek and intentional. It's a total easy drinker that drinks just as well whilst cosy indoors as it does on a summer day. It's got a decent mineral savoury edge to it as well as being bright with ripe red fruit. It's a bramble-filled success with smooth tannins and balanced, zippy acidity. 


Bright, easygoing, fruity. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic practicing. ABV 13.5%. 

Christophe Muret St Vincent Pinot Noir