Grape - Malbec

Where - Cahors, France

What - Julien Ilbert has had a wild winemaking time of it having pretty much nailed every part of the process. He's been in charge of farming, making and various collaborations with other Cahors growers. In 2005, things started to settle down and Château Combel-la-Serre was born as his first proper solo project. He rejects the idea of following wine laws and regulations, focussing solely on Malbec, and 25-hectares of it at that. 


The 2019 Pur Fruit de Causse is a bright, ripe expression of the grape due to the organic processes used on Julien's vineyards and general attention to purity. He selected parcels of Malbec grapes from limestone and clay soils for this particular wine that were then vinified and aged in cement.


Despite its slightly lighter style, it's definitely a Malbec! The purple tinge in the glass, bramble and spice are all there. Wild blackberry, cherry, pepper, hawthorn and green herbs are in abundance. You could easily get away with chilling this in summer as a light red with an easygoing ABV. We love.


Wild, bright, spiced. Vegan. Organic. ABV 12.5%.  

Combel La Serre Le Pur Fruit du Causse Cahors 2019