Grape - Pecorino 

Where - Abruzzo, Italy

What - The canned wine revolution is coming so it would be incredibly shrewd of you to get on the hype before it takes over the world. DEFY are our next canned adventure with this banging organic Pecorino sustainably packaged and unrivaled in quality. 


DEFY's general ethos is all about taking the pretension out of wine; "no rocks, no gooseberry or Spring days" as they say. At a push, they'll say this Pecorino is dry and tart, but that's about all you'll get from them. Although it's design-led and will look great on the old Insta, the wine is what we drafted them in for. It's refreshing, quenching and flamin' delicious.


If you love wine but don't care for the fuss and complexity, you've found your match. Grab a cool box, whack in a couple of DEFY cans, and you're all set. Don't overthink it, just drink it. (If this isn't already a wine slogan, consider it copyrighted).


Vegan. Organic. ABV 13%. 250ml can. 

DEFY Organic White Wine Can