Who - DEYA Brewing

Where - Cheltenham 

What - Your new favourite IPA. We're welcoming another DEYA juice bomb to our shelves since you beer-crazed obsessives simply can't get enough. 


What can we say? Well, firstly, this beer is freakin' delicious. The Glue has been dry-hopped with Citra, Motueka, Wai-Iti and Rakau which gives it that classic citrus pitch hit. As close to Lilt as you're going to get. 


So juicy you'll need to get a straw ready. It's on the softer side of things and reminds us of the cold side of a pillow - comforting, yet refreshing. 


It's totally hazy, as expected, and full of craft IPA flavour. 


Citrus, chill, hazy. Vegan. ABV 6.5%. 500ml can. 



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