Who - DEYA

Where - Cheltenham 

What - This is the 8th installment of DEYA's 'Something Good' series. They've switched things up a little bit for this guy by taking a temporary hiatus from the rich, juicy beers you might expect. Something Good 8 gives us a leaner, cleaner finish without that iconic deep haze. Do we miss it? Yeah, maybe, but you hardly notice because this beer tastes so DARN GOOD. 


You've got a combo of Chinook, Simcoe and Enigma hops, West Coast yeast and flaked rice. Music to our lug holes. 


It kind of tastes like the forest. Big, fresh pine trees come to mind, as well as a little bit of forest floor. Citrus, too, in huge quantities. DEYA rules our hearts and minds when it comes to beer. We love you. Never leave.


Citrus, clean, pine. Vegan. ABV 6.2%. 500ml can. 

DEYA Something Good 8 IPA 500ml Can


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