Who – Dig Brew

Where – Birmingham

What - Dig Brew knows how to do beer and we are living for it. They’re a creative bunch from a Birmingham-based brewery with a simple aim to elevate their brews with the best hops and malts around. The result; fun, unique and downright delicious beer.


The clue to the Dr Boom, Mad Genius is in the name; it’s mad. It packs a 10% ABV punch and delivers huge porter flavours laced with coffee. It’s a hipster little collaboration with Quarter House Coffee, also heralding from Birmingham, and the result is this impressive Imperial Porter.


It’s brewed with lactose (vegans, beware) and undergoes a long, cold conditioning over the single-origin coffee beans provided by Quarter House. The Dr Boom, Mad Genius is the first release of Dig Brew’s ‘Boomsday Series’ of coffee brews, so stay tuned for much more of them to drop at Wolf Wine.


Big, rich, coffee. Unfiltered. 10% ABV.


Dig Brew Dr Boom, Mad Genius Imperial Porter