Who - Dig Brew

Where - Digbeth, Birmingham 

What - Putting creativity into the craft beer world is Dig Brew's thing. We vibe pretty hard with their niche references and awesome beer can art that is, well, unrivalled. They're innovative brewers, putting young and vibrant twists on classic styles.


The 'Teaching Creatures How To Swim' is a New England-style IPA brewed with a blend of Simcoe Cryo and Azacca hops. Alongside old English yeast strains, this beer beams with dank earthy notes; one of Dig's earthiest yet, so a must-try. You don't lose any of that iconic juice-factor, though. Instead, it's light, crisp and refreshing with a relatively low ABV for Dig Brew. 


Earthy, juicy, bitter. Vegan. ABV 6.2%. 440ml can. 

Dig Brew Teaching Creatures How To Fish IPA


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