Grape - Gamay

Where - Loire Valley, France 

What - Stéphane Sérol quickly converted the Domaine Sérol terroir to organic, then biodynamic, on his taking over of the family estate back in 1996. The intention was to reinvigorate the soils and protect the environment, ultimately for clearer expressions of the Gamay grapes. 


The blend of different soils helps to create really fresh and complex wine styles. You'll find granite, sand and limestone, with vines planted in high density on Eastern foothills. Vinification occurs in cement tanks where 9 to 12 days of slow fermentation/maceration with indigenous yeasts only get the process going before the eventual ageing. The juice undergoes a light filtration, but nothing else. 


You'll get black fruit and brambles on the nose and a touch of purple flowers. On the palate, the fruit turns red with ripe raspberry, sweet vine tomato and cherry notes. It's a hugely drinkable juice with tonnes of character and finesse. 


Juicy, light, sustainable. Vegan. Organic. Biodynamic. Low intervention. Minimal sulphite. ABV 12%. 

Domaine Sérol Les Originelles