Grape - Seyval Blanc

Where - Chew Valley, Somerset

What - Dunleavy Vineyards are our most local winery and we're always stoked to stock their awesome selection of rosé and fizz. Ingrid Bates works incredibly hard maintaining the vineyard which was planted back in 2008. Her winemaking style combines a passion for the craft, compassion for her surroundings and innovative technologies to create low intervention English wine with heart. 


The Seyval grapes are completely hand-harvested before pressing and ageing on their lees for 10 months. Ingrid hasn't used any unnecessary fining techniques or chemicals, making this a proper English natural!


The fizz on the Brut is relatively calm and completely elegant. It's rustic, fresh and full of fruit flavour. A proper sustainably-minded treat. 


Sparkling, local, fruity. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 11.5%. 


Note: You might notice that the label is on upside down, so we've whacked on a hefty discount. 

Dunleavy Sparkling White Brut 2017