Grape - Malbec

Where - Mendoza, Argentina 

What - This fizz has had some seriously good reviews and medals for days. It has descended from the heavens of El Relator in Mendoza where José “Pepe” Reginato has been building his reputation as the best creator of fizz in the country. Once we tried it, we had to have it. 


The "El Crack Del Ano" (The Crack of the Year) is a 100% Malbec fizz with huge intensity and heaps of expression. Grapes were sourced from El Relator's vineyards and other infamous Mendoza sites known for this versatile variety. As their first export to the UK, it's a pretty big deal. 


Tim Atkin gave this wine a score of 91/100 which is pretty damn good. It has been made with the Champenoise method over 2 years and acts as a tribute to this winemaking duo's grandfather who started the El Relator legacy back in 1982. 


Fizz, persistent, characterful. Vegan. ABV 12.5%. 

El Relator "El Crack Del Ano" Malbec 2017