Grape - Sauvignon Blance

Where - Pfalz, Germany,

What - Alex and Martin Bauer are two pretty down-to-Earth guys, but this wine really is an otherworldly next level step up for them. Their blend of the modern and the traditional makes for some really great German wines with sustainability at the forefront, which is always great. 


You may know them for the Sex, Drugs & Rock n' Roll Riesling, but this wine needs some attention too! It's named after a 500-year-old peasant's symbol for an uprising, which is pretty rad. It's been vinified in stainless steel which keeps it fresh as the day the grapes were picked.


The flavours in the Bundschuh Sauvignon Blanc are totally immersive, dry and temptingly fruit-forward. Gooseberry, blackberry leaf  and lime are present with an overall crispness that makes it great with any sort of creamy dish; pasta to coconut curry. 


Crisp, dry, flavourful. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 12.5%. 

Emil Bauer Bundschuh Sauvignon Blanc 2019