Grape - Malbec, Tannat

Where - Cahors, France

What - Fabien Jouves. What a guy. Not only is he one of the more sustainable producers in the Cahors area, but his wines are always on absolute point. They are some of the most consistently fresh, lively and progressive wines that you can find today.


The grapes for the Nom D'oiseau were hand-harvested from the high altitude, biodynamic vineyards where limestone soils reign and the weather is always fluctuating, particularly in winter. This unpredictability makes things harder, for sure, but you can taste that in Fabien's wines - they are all so different and so, so good.


Pressing happens immediately after harvest, with seven days of fermenting on wild yeasts happening subsequently. The juice is aged in concrete for nine months and, in the classic Jouves way, left totally untouched in terms of intervention. 


This is a crazily fun wine. It's the ultimate farmyard wine and refreshingly light for a Malbec. A mix of cherry and kirsch are immediately noticeable, with all the red fruit coming through in the buzzing aromas. It's textured, with a crunch cranberry coulis sort of vibe. A must-try in your Jouves journey!


Cherries, crunchy, quenching. Vegan. Organic practicing. Biodynamic. 13.5% ABV.

Fabien Jouves Nom D'oiseau


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