Grape - Malbec, Cabernet Franc

Where - Cahors, France

What - Fabien Jouves founded his Cahors winery back in 2006 and has already grown a worldwide reputation for his industry bad-assery. Although he is a pioneer for natural, biodynamic winemaking in the region, he has been constantly denied AOC status due to his experimental style. He is pretty mad about this, by the way.


Fabien focuses on protecting the environment around him; refusing the use of chemicals and pesticides, whilst turning to the moon cycles for his farming calendar. By only growing indigenous varieties, he can be assured that there won't be any unexpected dangers to the ecosystems, which in turn means he can use completely low intervention methods.


The 'Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees...' is a hugely complex red that absolutely knocks it out of the park on all accounts. Body? Check. Flavour? Check. Drinkability? Check. It's got a lush, round mouthfeel with tempting fruit-forward aromas. On the palate, expect big blackcurrant and stewed plum flavours with black pepper and minerals on the finish. 


Fruit-forward, complex, fun. Vegan. Low intervention. Organic. Biodynamic. ABV 13%. 

Fabien Jouves 'Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees...' VDF