Grape - Trebbiano, Falanghina

Where - Molise, Italy

What - We're really championing biodynamic wine-making at the moment, and we think the Vincenzo Bianco is a really great example or this farming method.


As one of the largest biodynamic farms in Italy, Fattoria Di Vaira have diversified to produce not only wine, but fine cheese, olive oil, honey and fresh cereals. They've really got it down, but what really stands out is the wine due to restored soils and a lot of hard work to improve its purity. 


The Vincenzo Bianco is a hazy, straw-coloured orange wine that is just downright tasty. It's on the medium-bodied side of things with peach and quince aromas on the nose. It's got a decent complexity that balances minerals and a crunchy gooseberry tartness. 


Crunchy, fruity, limestone. Vegan. Low intervention. Biodynamic. 12% ABV. 


Fattoria Di Vaira Vincenzo Bianco 2019


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