Grape - Chardonnay

Where - Edna Valley, California 

What - This is exactly what Californian Chardonnay should be, but, like, way more.  Imagine the best Chardonnay you've had and then replace that image with the Wonderwall, 'cus this will top it. 


Andrew Jones knows everything there is to know about Central Coast vineyards. He's visited them, worked them, owned them. His eye is always drawn to the overlooked sites - where many see problems, he sees huge potential. These vineyards are often neglected, rocky, wild, or 'too coastal', but Andrew has produced his amazing Wonderwall series from grapes grown in these conditions. 


We're huge admirers of the Syrah and Pinot Noir, so it just made crystal clear sense to get a stash of Chardonnay. This is a big wine. It's super fragrant and shines with golden fruit and butter. A little bit of oak, luscious acidity and a long, long finish. 


Big, buttery, staff-favourite. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 14%. 

Field Recordings Wonderwall Chardonnay 2018