Who - Fierce Beer

Where - Aberdeen

What - Obsessed with sours? Here's a belter for you to try. Intense notes of, you guessed it, blackcurrant. 


During the "kettle souring" process, blackcurrant juice and a tiny bit of concentrate are added which gives this beer its iconic fruit-powered punch. 


Fierce Beer have been killing the craft beer game since they started in 2016 as Aberdeen's first micro-brewery. They're all about making the tastiest beer possible with interesting flavours - nothing boring, nothing expected.


The nice, tart finish is ridiculously moreish and you'll be so stoked that this beer only comes in at £4. 


Currants, berry, tangy. Vegan. ABV 4.5%. 

Fierce Beer Blackcurrant Tart Sour


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