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Grape - Pallagrello Bianco

Where - Caiazzo, Italy

What - Big orange crush energy coming your way with this guy. Paola Riccio works the Alepa winery with ultimate care for the ecology of the land and has worked incredibly hard to champion and rehabilitate the use of the Pallagrello grape which almost went extinct in the 90s. This skin-contact wine is complex and full-bodied with a sherry feel about it. 


Paola utilises every hands-off method available for farming, opting to cycle carbon and nitrogen through the soils. Predator species are left to do the bulk of the work, taking care of any pests in the absence of damaging chemicals. The commitment to the protection of the Alepa land is real. 


The Fuori di Riccio is a great example of the Pallagrello grape with freshness and acidity in big hits. It's totally unique with lemon peel, soft minerals and tart apple skins on the nose. It's unusual, boozy and a load of fun. 


Unique, characterful, mineral. Vegan. Organic practicing. Low intervention. Minimal sulfite. ABV 14%. 

Fuori di Riccio Vino Bianco

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