Grape – Cortese di Gavi

Where – Piedmont, Italy

What – Secrets to growing the best Cortese grapes have been passed down for generations on this small, family-run winery in the Piedmont region of Italy. This little corner of the country is well-known for growing Cortese and the La Fornace offers us a great example of what this variety is all about.


Their winemaking process has respect at its heart, making sure the impact on their environment is kept to a minimum. The soils on the 5-hectare vineyard are calcareous and clayey which contributes to the fresh minerality that makes the wines produced here so, so good. It seems that everything they do is gentle, right down to their grapes receiving a soft press.


On the nose, the La Fornace is floral, fragrant and impressively fresh. It’s an appealing light straw colour with acacia, brambles and green apples on the palate. You can also expect toasty notes followed by peaches and cream on the finish.


This is a really diverse wine. You’d be pleasantly surprised by trying it in various cocktail recipes, with any fish dish (particularly seafood) or on it’s own cold from the fridge.


Refreshing, floral, diverse. Vegan. ABV 13%.

Gavi La Fornace Cinzia Bergaglio 2018


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