Grape - Grenache

Where - Barossa Valley, Australia 

What - The Geyer Sands Grenache is unlike anything you will have tasted from this part of the world before. Every step of the making process is as present as possible, with a keen focus on sustainability and regeneration. The man behind Geyer Wine Co, Dave Geyer, believes in staying completely involved with the fruit from start to finish. 


He's all about finding the overlooked vineyards of the region and turning them into flourishing, revived ecosystems where grape quality is unrivalled. 


This Grenache is so beautiful. It throws an initial soft hit of rose and echinacea before kicking off with crushed peppercorn, dried strawberries and sweet spice. The tannins are notably smooth and it is maddeningly juicy. How did he do it? 


It's all about the red fruits and is the kind of wine that disappears frighteningly fast. One to share with friends, or a banging addition to date night. You could say this is the future of Barossa Valley reds; natural, charismatic and damn delicious. 


Cloudy, stunning, fruit-forward. Vegan. Low intervention. ABV 13.5%. 

Geyer Wine Co Sands Grenache 2018


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