Who - Good Chemistry

Where - St Phillips, Bristol

What - Good Chemistry are working their scientific genius magic over in their Bristol brewery. They aim to combine their love for brewing with the fascinating aspects of the process, using a precise approach to create clean, crisp brews. The small team works hard to champion the craft beer scene in Bristol which is their second love after the craft. Their motto; life's too short to do something you hate. So, they brew!


The Time Lapse is an easygoing bitter to be paired with dimple mugs, good conversation and lots of laughter. It celebrates the history of brewing in the UK that stretches back for generation after generation.


It's the killer combo of malty, hoppy and bitter; weighing itself in as a proper craft bitter.  


Malty, banana, refreshing. Vegan. Local. ABV 3.8%. 440ml can. 

Good Chemistry Time Lapse