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Grape - Cabernet Franc 

Where - Loire Valley, France

What - Sébastien David is the Loire king of natural Cabernet Franc creation. He is an experimental winemaker with biodynamic plots of lime-stone clay soils at his disposal. Without chemicals or sulphur, his wines are full-on representations of the terroir and beyond aromatic.


The Hurluberlu comes in, we can all agree, a ridiculously cool bottle (if you can excuse the use of Comic Sans on the back). You can see the light through this juicy red which gives you an idea of the light, crunchy texture. This wine is so, so fresh, with ripe flavours of cherry, cranberry coulis and plum skins. Nothing has been put in, nothing taken out. Just pure, delicious, natural Cabernet Franc.


Crunchy, juicy, cherries. Vegan. Organic practicing. Biodynamic practicing. ABV 12.5.%. 

Hurluberlu Sébastien David 2019