Grape - Chardonnay

Where - Moravia, Czech Republic 

What - The much-awaited 2018 Chardonnay from Springer & Stapleton has only gone and arrived! There's only a super limited amount of bottles kicking about, so make sure to snap yours up quickly. Jaroslav Springer is the man behind this awesome natural white wine that is considered one of the best low intervention wines to be coming out of the Czech Republic. 


Founded in 2004, this winery based in Moravia are pioneers for everything natural. They only make what they want to drink, as described by Jaroslav himself: "I personally only drink wines that were created organically and in which the winemaker's signature is evident. After the experience of drinking such wines I feel uplifted. I like to drink wine which has been verified by time and matures without filtration. I want to drink wines fermented using their own yeasts, to which nothing artificial has been added, wines that the winemaker has created with passion, sensitivity and knowledge."


This is a big, oaky and buttery wine with a good haze to it. It's a ridiculously pure representation of this varietal grown in perfect conditions with absolutely nothing added or taken away at all. 


Oaked, brioche, characterful. Vegan. Low intervention. Minimal sulphites. Organic certified. ABV 12.5%. 

Jaroslav Springer Chardonnay Wolf Vial