Grape - Frankovka
Where - Moravia, Czech Republic
What - Peter Korab is an exceptionally forward-thinking winemaker with a love for minimalist intervention.


He sources late harvest Frankovka from the volcanic soils of Moravia. After destemming, the grapes are pressed and fermented in old oak barrels. In order to preserve the sweetness, he fortifies his juice with grape spirit from the same volcanic sites. The wine is then further matured in oak before bottling hazy with minimal sulphite.


This is a truly special dessert red, with bright notes of fresh cranberry, strawberry laces supported by deeper flavours of fig, raisins, clove and almond.

Bright, candied, balanced. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. 16% ABV.

Korab Cerne Starosvetske Dessert Red