Grape - Pinot Noir

Where - Moravia, Czech Republic

What - Formerly a soviet run winery, the Krasna Hora site is in the heart of Moravia; a hilly, volcanic area perfect for grape growing. Over recent years, the winery has been revived into the 21st century. Pinot noir grapes are grown without sprays and harvested by hand. In keeping with the techniques explored in Burgundy, the grapes are fermented on wild yeasts in open oak vessels before being transferred into secondhand barrels for ageing. At bottling, the juice is kept hazy and sulphite use is minimal.


The result is a very Burgundian style of pinot noir. It beams with notes of strawberry, sour cherry, earth, chocolate and minerals.


Beeming, bright and complex. Vegan. Organic. Low intervention. 12.5% ABV.

Krasna Hora Pinot Noir


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