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Where - Italy 

Grape - 100% Glera 

What - The Lemoss Natural Prosecco is a staple on our cabin shelves. This is a traditionally produced Prosecco with new, exciting flavours to add a little excitement to your fizz intake. Every time we crack open that crown cap, the Lemoss impresses with tempting aromas and a unique, hazy fizz.


It has an appealing cloudy appearance due to a natural fermentation process. The lees from the second fermentation remain in the bottle which gives the juice this glorious haze. It is rustic in the best way possible and ridiculously easy to drink. A total thirst-quenching wine for sharing around the table. 


The residual sediment results in a refreshing flavour of cider apples, lemon sherbert and blossom. Loads of crunchy, fresh apples are jamming about, too. You might even detect a note of fresh sourdough within the beyond delicious aromas. We would be highly surprised if this doesn't rank as one of your favourite natural fizzes, it is by far our most popular Prosecco and a must-try for low intervention lovers! 


Citrus, fresh, fizzy. Vegan. Organic practicing. Low intervention. 11% ABV.

Ca' di Rajo Natural Lemoss Prosecco 2019

SKU: 50025