Grape - Orion, Seyval Blanc, Johanniter

Where - Chew Magna, Somerset

What - Keeping their wine as natural as possible is the 100% priority at Limeburn Hill. A richness of flora and fauna purveys at their vineyards in Chew Magna, not far from the Wolf Wine basecamp. 


Four days of skin contact ensue for these hand-harvested grapes, hence the tempting amber colour. Every process from start to finish follows biodynamic standards and natural processes. The juice is bottled unfined, unfiltered and without the addition of sulphite. 


Within the Limeburn Hill Amber Pet Nat you can really taste the bustling nature of the vineyards. Herbs grow at the base which comes through in a deliciously delicate way. It's a proper elderflower banger which huge floral offerings. Very multi-layered, you'll be impressed with a complex finish whilst still being able to glug.


Complex, floral, luxurious. Vegan. Organic. Biodynamic. Low intervention. ABV 8.5%.  

Limeburn Hill Beltain Amber Pet Nat 2019


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