Grape - Orion and Pinot Noir

Where - Chew Magna, Somerset

What - The vineyards over at Limeburn Hill are a stunning addition to the Chew Magna countryside. They're bursting with wildlife, beehives and natural flora sprouting from the well cared for soils. It's a beautiful location to produce some pretty delicious English Pet Nats. 


They do biodynamic to perfection and take care to ensure every process is performed as naturally as possible. This Rosé Pet Nat is the product of Orion and Pinot Noir grapes hand-harvested (during a huge storm, we might add!) before crushing and fermentation together. As with all of their wines, there's no fining, no filtration and no sulphites added!


This is a wine for hot days or sunny evenings. The aroma is a divine concoction of strawberries and cream whilst remaining dry enough to glug it down! 


If, for whatever reason, you don't manage to smash it all in one sitting, it's still perfectly delicious after the bubbles die down as a still rosé, too!


Strawberries, dry, local. Vegan. Biodynamic. Organic. Low intervention. ABV 8.5%. 





Limeburn Hill Lammas Pet Nat Rose 2019


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