Grape - Rondo, Regent and Solaris

Where - Chew Magna, Somerset

What - The last vintage from Limeburn Hill blew our natural English wine-obsessed heads off and it looks as though their 2019 offering is going to be just as popular. 


They're pretty much as local as you can get, residing down the road in beautiful Chew Magna. Limeburn specialise in natural, organic and biodynamic Pet Nats that are just beyond incredible. 


For them, it's all about the natural. Their vineyards are brimming with flora and fauna which thrive off the sustainable, ecological surroundings free from any nasty pesticides. 


The grapes are hand-harvested before natural fermentation with 72-hours skin contact. The resulting wine is the juice bomb we always knew we needed!


It's a Vimto party that bursts with cherry, strawberries and plum. The slight fizz makes it wonderfully refreshing and it's simply fruity beyond belief.


Fruity, berries, luxury, local. Vegan. Organic. Biodynamic. ABV 10.5%. 

Limeburn Hill Samhain Red Pet Nat 2019