Grape - Mission

Where - Los Angeles River, USA

What - Buckle up, it's storytime.


This is the absolute treasure of the Los Angeles Wine Company's 2019 harvest. They found a vineyard planted in 1912 that has been untouched since 1960 for use of commercial winemaking, so, this will be the first wine from the Mission vineyard since before the prohibition.


The grapes are usually used for white wine or rosé, but LAWC decided to go for full on red. They destemmed, they stomped and then out came this completely unique juice. It's unlike anything you will have tried before. Racy and elegant with punchy tannins. This is the wine for reflection and contemplation, according to these talented makers. 


It's a bit of a shapeshifter, but you'll mainly be treated to bright black cherries, blackberry, rosewater and funky spice. A real all-rounder and very special treat.


Special, rare, unique. Vegan. Low intervention

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